One of the greatest assets in a business’s toolbox is information. That information often comes from comes customers and members of the organization. However, no one person can know everything about a business’s future, needs, and risks. This is where we are happy to lend a hand.

Rapid Kinetics, LLC and its partners provide consulting services to clients in a variety of areas ranging from technology plans to disaster planning and recovery. We provide implementation support and are able to assist existing staff when they are approached with unique and difficult problems.

Information technology outages, data loss, and security breeches cost companies thousands upon thousands of dollars each day. The stress on the staff and the loss of credibility with the customers is incalculable. When an employee resigns it places more stress on the others and there is a cost to training their replacement. When an employee is burned out damage is done to your entire corporate climate. When a customer is happy they will tell maybe one or two people, but when a customer is upset or has lost faith in an organization they will tell at least 10 or more people.

The design, engineering, and development of an organizations software, web presences, and systems is crucial in today’s digital age to the long-term survival of a business. Furthermore, these implementation efforts can be the difference between an company surviving and thriving.

Our approach is to look at all aspects of an organizations infrastructure, operations, and delivery system. We then analyze which areas will relieve the most amount of stress from its staff, customers, and finances. We then assembly a detailed plan to accomplish this success together.


We would love to discuss you’re organization’s needs and how we can assist you! Feel free to email, call, or chat with us!