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We are customer focused solutions provider. Our objective is not the sale of product, our primary focus is providing our clients with precise technology road maps resulting in a clear vision for maintaining and growing their information technology foot print. The solutions, services, products, and vendors that are provided and recommend are a direct result of careful planning collaboration.

A map is only half the battle, the other half is providing our clients with the information and metrics to know where they are on the map so they can continue on a path of stability and controlled growth. We do this through planning, documentation, monitoring, and accountability.


Jumping in a car and trying to drive to a destination several days away with no map, navigation, and no road signs seems crazy. A business’ information technology footprint is no different. All it takes one wrong turn to end up with lost time and costly fixes. Vital to any short term or long term project is a clear understanding of the goals and how we intended to get there. Our plans are formulated by working within an organization and collaborating with key project stakeholders. Together realistic and focused plan is created and approved by critical members of the organization.


As a habit we don’t tended to wonder where critical documentation is until its too late. When we walk into buildings we don’t immediately look for the fire evacuation plan or the tornado procedure. However, we do need to be there when something happens and we need to be clear and concise. One of the many things that over 93% of companies are lacking in there information technology implementations is proper documentation and procedures. They often do not realize this until after something happens. Once this happens it results in costly missteps and ineffective responses to the issues. Statistically, downtime are tripled when there isn’t proper documentation. When their aren’t proper procedures in place the organization becomes vulnerable to mistakes and data theft. Our approach is to provide our clients with ready access to proper documentation and a framework of procedures. The documentation is provided, duplicated, and accessible in multiple places and formats.


When pilots are operating aircraft they are presented with multiple redundant instruments and techniques for knowing where they are. This is a must in any mission critical situation! Operating anything without proper information is a bad idea. Have you ever operated a car without a working gas gauge? Operating your company’s infrastructure without instrumentation is no different. With proper instrumentation you can steer around outages, halt physical data thefts, and maintain proper budgets. We provide our clients with dashboards, heads up displays, and reporting that allow them to avoid costly losses and downtimes. By providing our clients with proper monitoring they are able to follow their progress on their road map.


This is probably the most important asset to our clients. Without accountability an organization is subject to repeating the same problems over and over. We expect accountability in so many other areas of our businesses ranging from time clocks to call recording but we often forget that our vendors need to have the same level of accountability. When work is performed we provide every client an after action report. These reports contain what prompted the work, what was done, who performed the work, who authorized it, and what the outcome was. Any recommendations to avoid having the problem repeat itself in the future will also be in the report. If a vendor was contacted on your behalf that will be documented along with all information for holding the vendor accountable. Outage times will be measured and reported so that a cost analysis can be performed.