Before the first circuit board is manufactured, before the first database table is created, before the first line of code is written; the most crucial step begins, design.

Design is the stage where the planning begins. This is when we sit down with the project stakeholders and those that are effected by the design and determine the best courses of action. This is your battle plan and should hold a clear understanding of the path and steps. This path should include what’s require to start, maintain, and complete the project or task at hand.

Every design should include,

  • A clear understanding of the scope of the project
    • Who is involved in the project and what their involvement is?
    • What is the intended outcome of the project?
    • Why the project is being performed?
    • Where will the project and its meetings take place?
    • When will the project commence and complete?
  • Requirements
    • Exact requirements are of each milestone or phase as well as the requirements to consider the entire project complete.
  • Schedule
    • Expected timeline is for the project and when each milestone should be completed.
  • Financials
    • A clear understanding of the financial obligations of the project and when each payment will be due.
  • Resources
    • A list of resources that will be available.
    • A list of resources that will need to be made available.
  • Stakeholders
    • Any individual, group or company that can be affected, provide direction, or provide prospective on the project.
  • Communications
    • The methods of communication and collaboration that will be used.
  • Project Changes
    • How scope changes and requests will be made, evaluated, and documented.
  • Risks
    • A list of risks that could effect the potential timeline and outcomes of the project.