Innovation Partnerships

Our Innovation Partnership Program is designed for any individual or small business that has a good idea, prototype, or product they would like to take to market.

We assist the participants with making their dreams a reality. The program is based on the concept that people who have good ideas often need a little help put them to work for them. Businesses that have good ideas as a result of their own needs or observed deficiencies in their market often need a partner to complete them.

The goal of this program is to help in just that. We work with the creators to help them achieve those goals. Sometimes they just need a little direction, sometimes they need a prototype built, and sometimes they need to partner to guide them from conception to completion. No matter the stage and level of need accepted participants are partnered with to the end. If we lack the needed expertise we will help introduce them to someone that can help and provide some oversight to the process.

It all begins with a brief discussion, get a hold of us today to start the process.